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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  February 20, 2024 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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that don't make sense. who wants an open border and high interest rates? electric vehicles are fine, but you want to go to combustion. hybrid are better from that standpoint, we were talking about faucets and so much, all based on common sense. we want a strong military and choice in education and things that can make our country great again. what we're doing with open border is a disaster. we're destroying our country and we'll get energy prices down. >> laura: thank you so much for this. we really appreciate it, for your time, see you on the campaign trail. that's it from greenville, south carolina, thank you for watching. good night. >> jesse: the former president
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donald trump wrapping up a town hall in south carolina with our very lovely laura ingraham. nikki haley, who hasn't made any news all week, made news today, after calling the media in to make a big campaign announcement. >> some of you perhaps a few of you in the media, came here today, to see if i'm dropping out of the race. [laughter] >> well, i'm not, far from it. and i'm here to tell you why. i'm running for president because we have a country to save. i feel no need to kiss the ring. [applause] >> i have no fear of trump's retribution. >> jesse: donald trump responding to that just now. >> she's down by 30 or 35 points and everybody knows her, you are
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not supposed to lose your home state, shouldn't happen. >> laura: why do you think she's staying in the race? >> i don't think she knows how to get out actually. i don't. she did terribly in new hampshire, only vote -- >> laura: she has money behind her. >> they are trying to hurt me because of general election. she is playing into the game and can't get herself to get out. >> jesse: haley staying in hurts the party, every dollar counts and trump is fighting off democratic court attacks. >> i have a lot of cash, that doesn't mean he can take it. he looked at my cash and said, we will take all his cash. this is out of the white house, whether that one or d.a., everything coming out, this is election interference, they are
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trying to damage me. >> jesse: former president is not interested in revenge. >> i don't care about the revenge thing, they use the word revenge, my revenge will be success. >> jesse: and the former president already laying out what success will look like. >> laura: what is first thing you will do if you become president again on the border? i know that is your 50 act. two things i will do, one is drill, baby, drill, and other thing equal is we're going to -- i had the safest border in the history of our country. recorded history. by far. all biden had to do was stay at the beach. he goes to the beach and looks great in a bathing suit. he cancelled everything, remain in mexico, catch and release. >> jesse: trump's married the issue of border to the crime wave now. watch. >> it's a new category, i don't
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know if you heard this, i came up with this one, migrant crime, there is crime, violent crime, migrant crime, new category of crime. it is will be worse than any other form of crime. look at new york city, they attack police officers, they want to fight police officers. our criminals don't even do that so much. they are having fist fights with police officers in the street. we have to do something, these are tough people. they are not sending their finest. >> jesse: bringing back made in america is a priority. >> if you build cars and make cars, they don't want you to build cars here. they want you to make cars in chinese. not here. i said to angela merkel. i am for here and they are for
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their country. i said, how many chevrolets do we have in middle of munich? i don't believe in. that is not fair, we will change that, they have mercedes benz. >> jesse: trump says he'll be able to do this and biden is not in the right state of mind to make those decisions. >> he's declined, no question about it. he was always sort of semi-declined if you go back 25 years, he was not one of the smarter people. he has tried to be president four times and when he's most diminished he hit it. when you look at me and i would tell you and i think you would tell me, too, we've known each other a long time. if i felt diminished, use a nice term, or declined any way, i think i would know it and say i'm not running, somebody should
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talk to him. if he runs, he runs. >> jesse: bring in former white house secretary kayleigh mcenany and former 2024 presidential candidate vivek ramaswamy. kayleigh, start with you, does the former president look like he's in fighting shape? >> kayleigh: yes, i saw general election candidate tonight. somebody totally focused on winning new voters. i sat back and tried to view through the lens of a suburban woman, mother, i saw someone who said that line, biden could have stayed at the beach and the border would have been fine and laid out how he got mexico to send troops to the border and he stopped nord stream 2, vladamir
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putin did not invade on his watch, it was biden's watch. independent voter was won over if they watched. if he keeps up this tone, he will have tailwind going to november. it was not personal and geared toward winning and adding to republican party. >> jesse: this tone was effective during hillary clinton, vivek, in 2016, powerful, measured and precise. do you think he'll have discipline to continue with that? >> absolutely and i think the killer line of the whole event, he said success is my vefngeanc, that is national unity. people are hungry for it, we are sick and tired of penalizing excellence and growth. drill, baby, drill, he mentioned for a reason, that drives economic growth and that is general election message you will hear from president trump
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and republican party, success is unifying. biden ran on national unity message and failed to deliver. now is our opportunity as republican party and donald trump will lead us to unite this country around what made america grat first time around is how we make america great again. this could be reagan 1980 landslide if we stick to that message. >> jesse: he talked about need to swamp the democrat ballot harvesting, we'll talk about that later in the show, listen to the president talk about what he's looking for in a vice presidential pick, watch. >> first quality, somebody that would be a good president, if somebody were to happen. a lot of people are talking about that gentleman right over there. [applause] >> and he's been so great, such a great advocate, this is in a very positive way, tim scott has
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been better for me than for himself. one thing that surprises me, vp choice has no impact, it is who theever the president is. >> jesse: so looks like tim scott getting home-town cooking there, kayleigh. >> kayleigh: that was second time tim scott was mentioned and he was on with maria bartiromo, brought up tim scott's name independently and tim scott was brought up by mark penn as someone who would be a good pick. that was interesting. maybe indicator, trump likes to throw curveballs and point us in different directions, a number of names on the short list, vivek was on there. tim scott has optimistic tone and he can win over moms.
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>> jesse: vp, i shouldn't ask y you, vivek, you are an interested party. get your opinion on saying he doesn't think joe biden will debate him, listen. >> laura: will you challenge him to a debate regularly on focused topics just one debate on foreign policy? >> i challenge him right now, we can do you, anybody you want, i will take anybody from cnn, which is doing poorly in the ratings, i'll take anybody because i think you have an obligation in this case, you have an obligation to debate. i don't think he will debate. >> jesse: vivek, would joe biden get away with dodging a debate with former president donald trump? >> joe biden may not get away with making next three months of the nominee. he may not debate, democrats are
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setting up for bait and switch and this is predicted, you see poll numbers and the way they behave toward biden? why is document case coming out now and hearing about hunter biden years later? these are breadcrumbs they are dropping to say biden will be sidelined as nominee and it is important our side not get com complacent. we are in a good position, i think donald trump will be president of the united states, i think the path will be far more complicated than straight line to defeating joe biden. that is what many in the establishment want us to think and we need to own our own message whether it is michele obama or gavin newsom or whichever other puppet they trot out doesn't matter, we own national revival ourselves. it is important to stand for our
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agenda, not criticize biden and that is what president trump did tonight. >> jesse: dropping michele obama bomb on me, thanks, vivek, caboom. great points. >> thank you. >> jesse: tonight's biggest takeaway trump has a message to sell, joe biden doesn't. biden campaign is disorganized as his garage, throw everything at the wall until something sticks, one day they'll tell biden to drop out. next day, go show vigor and say tout bidenomics. next day say, call trump a dictator. they are zig-zaging all over the place with no strategy. they have gotten so desperate they are dusting off 2016 playbook and calling trump a russian asset again. >> what does he have on donald trump that he have to constantly cater to putin?
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>> what do you think putin has on him, seems like something, as you have said. he refuses to criticize him and he's a fan boy of him. are you worried at all? >> i don't know what he has on him, i think it is probably financial. financial either something financially on him or something on the come. >> democrats are out of ideas, longer it goes, more their numbers drop. biden approval rating is at 38%, only thing dropping besides biden going upstairs of fair force one. that was close. watching most disorganized campaign and it is forcing one man to step back into the campaign trail to knock sense into his country. >> so many people voted and probably will for donald trump. >> i can tell you why, they are looking at government and
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democratic party and saying, i can't afford healthcare, my kid can't go to college, my daughter will have a lower standard of living than i do. you are not doing much, trump is coming along, a typical politician, he wants to get rid of that stuff. why not. maybe he is crazy, maybe i don't agree with him, not part of old-fashioned political establishment. that has appeal. >> jesse: bernie is back, he is trying to understand trump voter, not that hard. instead of smearing them, do something for them. >> bottom line here is, way to beat trump is to say yeah, you want change, we will give you change, not based on racism or xenophobia, we will create economy for you not jt billion airs? >> will they listen to bernie? >> probably not, bring in
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tezlyn, bernie is saying, stick on economic message, you can't be about putin, trump is a dictator. that will not fly. >> well, it is interesting, as we know, bernie sanders and joe biden they are actually the same age, it shows you that age really may not play a big role as much as we think. it is about the messenger. i'll be honest where has been bernie sanders last three or four years? i worked on the bernie sanders campaign in 2016, i did not in 20 20 and people following him have been looking for his leadership and he's been missing in aksz. ironic he's popping up now, speaking up for things he believed for the last six or seven years, impossible to get on and pretend as if i have not been disappointed in him or his
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followers have not. he is in the game again and advising joe biden. but too little too late. >> jesse: they cut a deal in 2020, we will vote for joe biden, to be a bridge to next generation, he spends all money on green stuff and does what we tell him. the wheels are falling off the bus and here comes bernie again. >> bernie sanders just to be clear, said joe biden would be one of the most progressive president says of our time, we are waiting on that. to be honest, a lot of people are disappointed with bernie sanders. >> jesse: you are saying joe biden has not been progressive? he spend more than any president ever, opened border -- >> not according to -- >> jesse: what more can he do? >> according to a conservative, they would say he is socialist,
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according to bernie sanders meter on what a progressive is, he is not bernie sanders. this is why bernie sanders, progressive movement backed away from bernie sanders when he endorsed joe biden. they are not the same on the left. joe biden said out of the gate he's moderate and would never be socialist, bernie sanders sold his movement down the river and has to back it up and backtrack. >> jesse: all right. >> that is truth. >> jesse: you shoot straight, the truth you heard from tezlyn, thank you for joining "jesse watters primetime," as always. trump's plan to win the mail-in vote, that is next. ya know, if you were cashbacking you could earn k
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>> jesse: primetime live from las vegas tonight. we are looking into election and not happy what we found. nevada had a primary two weeks ago, people complaining they did not vote, the state websited their ballot was counted and secretary of state said it was a glitch. trust us, it is secure. i don't trust people telling me to trust them. trust no one voted in our name? they tell us our election is secure and craig and wanda's are harvesting the system. remember craig? lay out johnny. >> that is not right. >> what is not right? >> using fraudulent ballots. >> no comment and i'd appreciate
5:24 pm
you move away out of my face before i lay you down. >> craig arrested for bribery. started wearing a wire 20 years ago and this is the weekend. >> when you lose by a few, don't say they cheated, work harder and outdo them. no one should come around you without being registered to vote. add to the equation. i'm not a lawbreaker, i want to get things done for the people and sometimes rules and laws get in the way. >> jesse: we think we agree with craig except for lawbreaking, republicans stop accusing of cheating and add to equation by registering long before election day, democrats have been doing it for years, craig worked for
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kerry's presidential campaign. >> i met john kerry at the atlantic city airport, he and i sat down and talked with my friend jose, he hired me. his problem was he hired me to late. i was frustrated, i knew if i was involved earlier, george w bush, we would have defeated him in florida, no doubt in my mind. >> jesse: what craig did not mentioned, kerry kicked craig off the campaign after newspaper started asking about voter fraud in jersey. 20 years later democrats have more election tricks than ever. it is all about mobilization, the game is about physically producing ballots and getting them filled out. it is easier to do than
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democratic cities and they have a head start, election day doesn't matter, start with a two-month head start and elections are run by partisan secretaries of states, same people trying to strip trump off the ballot, choose who gets the ballot, how early you can vote, how the ballot is verified, if republicans don't get ahead, doesn't matter, it is a numbers game and democrats know how to add to the equation. laura ingraham asked trump about his plan for mail-ins today. listen. >> >> laura: how do you make sure mail-in ballots and voter fraud is an issue, they are concerned about mail-in voting. what do you do to make sure we don't have problems moving forward? rnc? >> if you have mail-in voting, you have fraud. >> laura: there is mail-in
5:27 pm
voting in florida and you won there. >> you have fraud. >> laura: what do you do about it? >> by swamping them, swamping them. >> jesse: kristi noem, governor of south dakota. governor, i like the idea of swamping, you have to win in a landslide to overcome margin of shenanigans, i would have like to have heard detail about the ground game, is there detailed ground game operation for the two months of early voting and mail needed to win? >> there is not enough in some swing states and that is what republicans have to be prepared for. democrats will try to do everything they have done in the past. think back to 2020, running elections however they wanted to and not they did one thing, they did everything, jesse, that is in danger now, people trusting our election system.
5:28 pm
secretary of state are chief election officer and matters who sits in offices. i'm proud of south dakota, we have high integrity election system. you have to use id to vote, an example rest of the states should follow. what i'm shocked by, after 2020, liberal democratic governors got reelectioned and they are in charge. they still may find a way to figure out way to conduct elections and ignore law and we have to be prepared, republicans follow the law and respect st constitution and we will have to outwork them and be smarter than them. >> jesse: do republicans have to hire people like craig? >> do not hire craig. >> jesse: do not hire craig? >> please do not hire craig.
5:29 pm
>> jesse: what about law-abiding craig? >> sounds like craig is not sure about following the law. everything is at stake this year, we have an invasion in our country and today i announced deploying national guard to southern border for the fifth time. i was first governor to do so recognizing what is happening and what joe biden is doing to this country. get real, leadership has conse kwenss. >> jesse: kristi noem, thank you, from south dakota, not south carolina, south dakota. >> jesse: fox news alert, fbi informant arrested after saying biden took bribes from ukraine, released while he awaits trial. the fbi worked with him for year
5:30 pm
and top democrats called highly credible, the administration is calling him a russian spy. where did they get that from? fbi informant told them, that is part of his job as an informant, why is biden putting that in their court filing? smear job. calling the you're bribe and impeachment russian disinformation and hunter said he should get his plea deal back because this guy is a russian spy. same thing they did with the laptop and trump, you put russian label on something and it is debunked until election is over and we find out it is true. ahead, nypd dancing while migrants are throwing punches. .
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>> jesse: fox news alert, officials announcing two new arrest made in response to last week's deadly super bowl parade shooting. >> two men being charged with second degree murder got into a fight with one other person after the kansas city chiefs parade last week and the pair started firing, killing one woman and injuries 22 other people. miller and mayes have been charged with second-degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon and held on bail. investigators say miller's firearm hit galvan, killing her and prosecutors say more people may be charged. >> we seek to hold every shooter accountable for their actions on that day, every single one. so while we're not there yet on
5:37 pm
every single individual, we're going to get there. >> the prosecutor declined to comment on how much shooters might be involved, half of them were under 16 and two minors charged on gun charges and not been identified, but could be charged as adults. jesse. >> jesse: thank you. >> sure. >> jesse: not easy being a cop in america and if you are a cop in new york, good luck, if you are not getting harassed by blm, getting pummelled by migrants. look at randall's island, officers just got jumped. [screaming] >> jesse: this is the second migrant beat-down on a cop in less than a month. remember the time square melee?
5:38 pm
[screaming] [video playing] >> jesse: now prime time is noticing migrants and nypd aren't getting along well and new york's finest are having a tough time defending themselves, not a good look, especially while the dance team is performing on the local news. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: not everyone is a fan of the dance team, aoc, big
5:39 pm
feminist, not a fan. are we being mean to the dance team? >> we're not looking to be professional dancers, some have never danced before and some our whole lives. we have to have chorotography. >> jesse: primetime loves the nypd, nobody loves police more than primetime, but the dance team, not sure it fits. lowering our standards and officers are having a hard time grappling with suspects and worried about health and fnsz of the nypd. former nypd officer and author joins us. bill us how do i say this politely, as a police officer, when you see some of these videos, what is first thing
5:40 pm
going through your mind? >> well, i feel every cop should have a shot at "dancing with the stars" and i'd rather see them learning how to punch a bag rather than becoming one getting kicked and pummelled. >> jesse: they have softball team, probably, basketball, i'm sure that goes on, play the fire department, whatever. i'm not so sure the dance team is the right extracurricular activity. am i being insensitive? i have before. >> no, no. my opinion, you and i lineup on this because a cop, i tell young rookie cops today, get in the gym and take ju jit suand learn to defend yourself and protect
5:41 pm
the people of new york city. i think there is a mindset where a cop feels they need to be physically abused so they don't get in trouble. when in doubt, do not be afraid to defend yourself and people of this city. cops are becoming a target and punching bag and getting shot at. this needs to stop. dancing is fine, do that on your own time. >> jesse: i agree, i am glad, i didn't want to beaon island on that one. thank you. biggest rising star in women's basketball, six foot tall dude with a face full of hair. s super straight, super white teeth. they want that hollywood white smile. new sensodyne clinical white provides 2 shades whiter teeth and 24/7 sensitivity protection. i think it's a great product. it's going to help a lot of patients.
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♪ >> being a trans athlete, male to female trans athlete, there is no advantage there. it is much harder. my testosterone levels are less
5:47 pm
than a cis woman. i have to put in work and it is very difficult. >> jesse: everybody knows men and women are different, parents don't talk about it, millions of americans hate controversy. adults allow boys to play women in sports and they dominate them until someone gets hurt. someone got hurt. wild video shows the moment a boy, who claims he's a girl, take out a girl on the opposing team. watch. [whistle] [video playing] [buzzer sounding] >> jesse: the guy rips the rebound down like rodman and the
5:48 pm
poor girl injured her back. a game between kipp academy and charter, three girls got injured 1st half. the coach for collegiate charter forfeited at halftime because his girls were afraid of getting hurt and not being able to play in the playoffs. the trans player is six feet tall with facial hair. this game should have never been played. we are not playing, give us the loss, take your ball and go home and this has to happen every time. girls can't be nice, nice is seen as weakness and trans athletes walk all over them. primetime reached out to both schools and maintain students should participate in activities
5:49 pm
that align with their gender identity. riley gaines. riley, that school never apologized for their male player injuring three girls and having the game called at halftime, no apology. >> not only did they not apologize, they doubled down on this stance, jesse. it is hard for schools to protect girls when they have no jurisdiction to do so. the state does not protect the girls. massachusetts, female governor, mind blowing, this was where a young girl hit in face by male player, lost all her teeth and had to undergo surgery to reconstruct her jaw, that is what female governor healy is
5:50 pm
subjecting girls and teams to. >> jesse: healy is insane and everybody that goes along with this insane. should there be nonviolent resistance. no, we are not playing, we will not play a game with guys in it get hurt. >> i do. props to this coach for walking out. the girls should sit on the court, the men's basketball team sit on the court. we should see parents willing to take a stand. moms and dads defending their daughters. parents are terrified, which is a travesty. >> if i were parents for female rodman, you know what, miky, whatever your name is, why don't you go play on the boy's team, you are hurting women and it is not right. get it together. not a book plug, wonderfully spontaneous book plug.
5:51 pm
riley gaines, thank you so much. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: well, fani made a fool out of the black community, why are they giving her an award? i know this might seem out of the blue, but i was wondering if you might pray with me real quick. lord, you know what's on our hearts. you know where we struggle. you know where we need to be pushed. help us give it all to you. the good, the bad. help us turn to you in everything we do. amen. i invite you to join me in more prayer on hallow. stay prayed up disrupts my skin, night and day. despite treatment, it's still not under control. but now i have rinvoq. rinvoq is a once-daily pill that reduces the itch and helps clear the rash of eczema—fast.
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>> jesse: fulton county da made a fool of herself. told the court about lavish trips. she revealed grey goose girl and doesn't fancy wine and stacks of cash dad letting us know it is not weird it is a black thing. you would think of embarrassing yourself on national tv. no. gleefully accepted black history achievement award and took
5:57 pm
opportunity to play the victim. >> scripture they keep sending me no weapon formed against you shall prosper. [applause] i need y'all to hear me, though. they did not say the weapons will not form. that is the part i didn't hear until recently. >> jesse: fani made a fool out of the black community, why is she getting award? so many other distinguished americans any better than this. >> i do my friends like that. you tell me it is a g. you are going to get a thousand dollars. i didn't make him produce receipts. i took him to belize, i don't want to discuss his personal business and happy mr. wade is here with us. i did 50 big. very big. >> that 4,000 is part of the
5:58 pm
cash hoard -- >> cash what? >> i wouldn't say that under anyone circumstances. cash hoard. >> jesse: minimaidoff stole nearly 10 billion dollars from crypto customers and bought midterms before massive scheme collapsed. biden indicted them, of course. living the high life becoming best friends with all the elites. now he is behind bars. this is the first of what we are seeing. >> journalist tiffany fong -- locked up with mini, apparently not doing too well in the
5:59 pm
slammer. >> skinny, like a toothpick lilike -- >> he is not showering. >> jesse: is that guy speaking english? mini avoiding the shower and barber. no word on tattoos. mini getting along with his guys. >> he is weird and strange, he is a good guy. ♪♪ >> jesse: so i am in vegas for event for tomorrow, we were at the casino little bit wasting time. roulette so easy. i didn't realize how easy. here is the secret. just need to lay down big chunks.
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20s, 25s, 50 bets and play them enough, you can win hundreds of dollars. i put down couple, black 35, i won $180 on a $20 bet, $10 bet. come on, betting $5 bets and winning. i don't even think this is right for me to take all this money from this casino. let you know how i do tomorrow. mary from albany, new york. you could hit the heavy bag to reduce stress. craig not all craigs are bad craigs, having the name like what is that name they call the white women they don't like? i don't remember. i am waters this is my world.
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